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Convention check: Processing of multiple errors should also be possible without updating the list

During the convention check of the process diagram, the list of notes, warnings and errors is displayed in the lower area as the result. After every change in the diagram resulting from the execution of the list from the convention check, the user is asked to update the list of notes, warnings and errors. As long as the list is not updated, no further entries can be clicked on and the errors are no longer displayed in the diagram. An update is therefore essential, but it costs time each time. Our modelers prefer to edit multiple list errors before updating, making troubleshooting faster. As before, after editing the diagram, the "Update" button may appear. However, the list should remain clickable and the errors in the diagram continue to be displayed (even if the list and errors in the diagram do not correspond to the current processing state, which the user is, of course, aware of). The list is only updated when the modeler clicks on the button. For users who click the button as usual after each change, nothing changes. For users who want to work faster, there is the option to update after several changes.


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