Process Builder

Process Builder

Submitted by (@stanton.attree)

Use process variables for reminders, escalation and intermediate timer events rather than fixed values

At present, reminders, escalation and intermediate timer events only accept fixed values pre-configured in the workflow. If duration variables could be referenced (calculated from dates), the workflow would be more dynamic and responsive to the needs of the particular case. For example, I could capture a review deadline and automatically schedule a reminder or escalation based on this date i.e. the deadline minus one ...more »

Process Builder

Submitted by (@stephan.bachmann)

Add time trigger

We suggest defining a time trigger (eg beginning of month) for the processes in the Workflow Accelerator. Currently only forms, mails and Signavio (for release workflow) are possible. However, in the Workflow Accelerator we want to be able to map to workflows that are triggered in time.


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