Process Editor

Ability to analyse the interconnections between processes

We have defined our Enterprise Process Map where our Operational Business Processes and Supporting Business Processes are detailled, from Level 0 (Global Process Map) to Level 4 (detailled processes).


Within our BPMN2.0 diagrams, we use Intermediate link events (throwing and catching events) to describe interdependencies between processes.

For each interdependency, we have defined custom attributes (attached to the diagram element types "Intermediate Link Events").


We need the ability to report on each level of the interdependencies and to filter based on the level of process abstractions.

In addition, we need the system to be able to auto-populate the Intermediate Link Events and their custom attributes of the higher level diagrams whenever a lower level diagram has been defined (for example, autopopulate level 3 and 2 diagrams, whenever a level 4 has an intergration point to another level 4).

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