Process Editor

für eigene Attribute "Sets" einführen

Derzeit können für eine Notation auf Diagramm- und auch Elementebene eigene Attribute erstellt werden. Diese Attribute gelten dann für die jeweilige Notation immer und überall gleich. Da wir in unserem Konzern sehr viele verschiedene Geschäftsfelder haben, haben wir an underschiedlichen Stellen auch unterschiedliche Ansprüche an die eigenen Attribute. Daher wünschen wir uns, dass wir auf Ordner- und auch Diagrammebene... more »


Process Simulation

Ensure one only needs to select the simulation scenario once

When running simulations, we normally have a few scenarios with different data in play. However, when it comes to actually simulate said data, the tool does not run the simulation on the scenario tab currently being worked on. We have to then manually select the scenario, this results in an error prone process with too many clicks, we should be able to select one scenario to be active one time.


Process Editor

Process Milestones

On process diagrams I have played with the idea of representing milestones of a process by utilising 'Artifact - Group' (named with Key Milestone description) and moving the Activities related to the Milestone into the group. Groups can then be created and aligned side by side representing the process milestones. Instead, it would be useful to create process milestones on a diagram, each represented by two adjustable... more »


Process Editor

Recycle bin

Could it be possible to give access to the recycle bin of the Shared Documents folder for the Tool administrator. As it is now, only the person who deleted the diagram can see it in his recycle bin and can restore it.

If the tool administrator can see all the deleted diagrams, he/she can intervene quickly if a shared diagram is accidentally deleted.


Collaboration Hub

Preview of Files (doc, pdf etc.)

It would be great to get a document preview in collaboration hub before you download a file. Such a read access in collaboration hub for any file (doc, pdf etc.) would help to save time and prevent unnecessary downloads. Often it is not required to download a file. Imagine having a work instruction for a particular process step.


Process Editor

Ausgabe / Layout Datenobjekte durch inneren Rand optimieren

Bei der Beschriftung von Datenobjekten kommt es häufig zu dem unschönen Effekt, dass die Schrift den Rand überlagert (siehe angefügtes Beispiel) .

Daher wäre es wünschenswert, wenn dieser Effekt z.B. durch die Verwendung eines inneren Randes (vergleichbar mit Textobjekten in Word oder PowerPoint) ausgeschlossen würde.