Export workflow documentation

Signavio Workflow Accelerator is a great tool. It is also useful for process prototyping. It would be great if the tool had some sort of documentation export. This could include the process model, data forms, any JavaScript, email designs etc. This would make Workflow Accelerator great for prototyping workflow solutions and then using them as a basis for development of software solutions or configuration in other corporate... more »



Ability to force a model to be displayed in landscape page format when exporting a Process Report

When exporting a PDF Process Report, the larger diagrams need to be displayed in landscape format, this is fine when printing the document, but does not work particularly well when referring to digital soft copies of the documentation. Suggest the ability to force diagrams to be displayed on their own landscape page within the report,


Prozesse aus Veröffentlichung zurückziehen

Über den Workflow können Prozessmodelle per Task automatisch im Prozessportal veröffentlicht werden. Dabei kommt man ganz ohne javascript-Tasks aus. Es fehlt die umgekehrte Funktionalität, einen Prozess nach erfolgreichem Workflow-Durchlauf automatisch zurückzuziehen. Dies kann nur entweder per Javascript Task selbst implementiert werden oder es muss manuell durch die Administratoren zurückgezogen werden, was beides... more »



Collaboration on DMN drafts

When modelling decisions, I need to be able to collaborate with other stakeholders for their comments, just as I do with BPMN models. The share options do not currently allow for the fully functioning DMN model to be shared with non-modellers without first publishing it. Would it be possible to extend QuickModel functionality to DMN?