Process Editor


Process Editor

Editor Zoom out until model size reached

Es wäre klasse, wenn der Zoom out im Editor bis zur vollständigen Modellgröße (vgl. 'Zoom to fit the model size') ginge, damit schrittweise herausgezoomt werden kann.

Zusätzlich wäre es hilfreich, wenn nach Click auf 'Zoom to fit the model size' das Zoom in funktioniert, um wieder auf die Detailsicht zu wechseln.


Process Editor

Improved Reporting Capacity (& customised reporting)

I need to run the process metrics report regularly, however, it is unable to run this for all the maps created due to the volume. Specifically I need to see the volume of BPMN maps in total vs the number of BPMN maps published; currently I can only do this through running multiple process metric reports. It would be nice for the reporting capacity to expand to be able to accommodate a very large number of maps (e.g.... more »